About ClamSpeech Explorer
The objective of this site is to store, organize and display all the ClamSpeeches inserted into the CLAM blockchain.
About CLAM
CLAM is a new digital currency with an innovative payment network. CLAM uses Proof-of-Stake and blockchain technology, which process transactions and issue CLAMs, based on user's address history on Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin networks. Bitcoin was the world's first cryptocurrency, made possible by a radically new sofware technology called the "blockchain".

Learn more about clamcoin here and find the source-code of it here.
Our portal uses a CLAM client to search for all the transactions and CLAMSpeeches related to them. They are stored and organized, removing the default speeches found in the CLAM Client. Empty speeches and the transactions that are in the older format that do not support clamsppech are also discarded for the sake of database size.

CLAM has a clamour system, were users can vote in the best proposition (related to the coin or not). We stored all the propositions and votes, and created a rank here. The percentage showed next to the number of votes are calculated in relation to the total of votes cast until now. As each transaction can vote in more than one propositon, adding the total percentage can surpass 100%.